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The Conservation Lab || Museum of Care

Sentience || 2022 || PDF

Selected for participation at the Listening Academy of the Listening Biennial, London, 2022. Curatorial concept on silence, the sacred, the unsayable, internal interconnectivity, and ways of communicating pre/post/beyond logos. 

On Binding – Notes from Venice || 2022 || Riot Material || Web

Tattered strands, a new floor. We wove a gift for us. On Rocío Molina,  Eglé Budvytyté, La Biennale di Venezia — Arte and Danza, 2022.

The Ephemeral Palace || 2022 || Riot Material || Web

On walking, jealousy, the real, and Alexey Titarenko’s City of Shadows

Museum of Injury || 2021 || Riot Material || Web

On the canon, orality, Taoism, liberation, Museums as the physicalization of how we narrate the world, Okwui Enwezor’s art history as concepts, the reorganization of the MoMA, Massimiliano Gioni’s Encyclopedic Museum, Borges’ infinite library and exhibitions as form.

Break//Breathe ||2021|| Riot Material || Web

On Rashid Johnson, Jack Whitten, Roland Barthes and Édouard Glissant; an essay in fragments on fragments.

Photography as Bildungsroman || 2020 || Riot Material || Web

On Jason Eskenazi’s Wonderland, Black Garden and Departure Lounge, and on pilgrimage, constructs and the inner evolution  of the soul in the exterior world. 

We Are All Sentimental || Senegal || 2017 || Nataal ||PDF

On Joël Andrianomearisoa, love, and Revue Noire, on minimalism and space for emotion.

On Reverence and Relation || 2019 || PDF Slides Haverford Magazine Profile

Transcript and slides of a talk given at Haverford College on portraiture, reverence, the tangibility and visibility of relationships in photographs, violent and loving looking, and photography that extends past the frame into sculptures, dimensionality, silence and relation. Also on Rahima Gambo, Ivan Forde and Tina Campt.

Interiors || Arts and Africa || and Litro || 2019

On intimacies, portraiture and reverence.

Streets of Goma || Democratic Republic of Congo || 2018 || The Common || WEB

On unary vs layered photographs, and, photographing feelings

Dustin Thierry || Amsterdam || 2020 || Der Greif || WEB || Extended Version  || WEB

Healing is at the heart of Dustin’s work…The tender portraits are unadorned, raw, deeply human and, of course, opulent.

David Adjaye || Nigeria|| 2017 || Moon Man Magazine || PDF

An Essay on the Alara store designed by David Adjaye in Lagos, and on desperately needed bombastic self love; regal, radical architecture; itchy ascension and uneasy inequalities. 

Sarah Moon || 2017 || Moon Man Magazine || PDF

“Photography is pure fiction,” ethereal photographer Sarah Moon once said. “I don’t believe that I am making any defined statement. Instead, I am expressing something, an echo of the world maybe.” 

Vivian Sassen || 2017 || Moon Man Magazine || CLIP

An exploration of nuance, and how Vivian Sassen’s emotional, abstract, art photography disrupts facile debates on images in Africa.

Roger Ballen || 2017 || Moon Man Magazine || PDF

The bioenergetic system of psychoanalysis suggests that feelings, habits and lives are etched on and embedded in the body. In Ballen’s graphic depictions we see how the world crushes the human spirit, which crushes the body. In these photos Ballen forces us to stare at human hypocrisy and the quotidian, violent flaws in human nature. It is slightly nauseating.”

Divine Collaboration || Nigeria || 2018 || It’s Nice That || WEB

On artist and album cover designer Lemi Ghariokwu, Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti and tumultuous, creative love.

Strut || Lagos || 2016 || Nataal || WEB

On Wura-Natasha Ogunji’s performance piece “Strut”, and on ease and action, freedom, femininity and power.

Asmara with the Luminaries || Asmara || 2019 || WePresent || WEB

On Eritrean history as told through its love songs.

The Necessity of Dreams || Nigeria || 2017 || IAM Intense Art Magazine || PDF

A profile of Nigerian artist Peju Alatise, and on dreaming as a survival mechanism, the tragic poignancy of apt social commentary, and flight as escape, magic and liberation.

Falana || Lagos || 2016 || Nataal || WEB

A profile of musician Falana, and on dreams, faith, self-creation, and the jarring but essential pupa phase.

Art Residencies Flourish in Lagos || 2016 || Happening Arts || PDF

Dak’art || Dakar || 2016 || Nataal || WEB

On the Dak’art Biennial for Contemporary African Art, a love letter to Dakar, the City in the Blue Daylight.

Like Play, Like Play || Dakar || 2016 || PDF

I wrote the catalogue for Modupeola Fadugba’s exhibition and award-winning work at the 2016 Dak’art Biennial for Contemporary African Art. On weighty games and the depth beneath the sparkle. 

Each Passing Day || Lagos || 2015

Wrote the catalogue text for Akintunde Akinleye's retrospective at Red Door Gallery.

Design is the Personality of an Idea || Lagos || 2015 || PDF

I curated a group show of female artists from around the continent and the diaspora at the Ford Foundation Lagos, with the African Artists Foundation. The concept was on world creation, delusion, and individuality.

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